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ERP Platform

Custom built Extendable Plavaga ERP platform with integration capabilities

Plavaga’s ERP platform for Small and Medium Enterprises provides them a compelling value proposition to save on their costs while managing their resources. It is a Scalable, Multi-tenant, customizable, cloud-based ERP platform to cater to the needs of the SMEs. It helps automate and standardize the business processes across functions.

Our ERP platform deployment over the last 2 years has helped our clients in:

  • Savings in payroll cost by 60% by increasing efficiency in staff use by streamlining and automation of existing processes
  • Reducing the raw material procurement costs by 15% by better decision making enabled by real time analytics
  • About 10% improvement in quality of output due to better control of raw material procurement
  • Decentralized decision making enabled quicker process execution
  • Low TCO as compared to standard ERP platforms
  • Easy deployment and training of staff
  • Better planning of procurement and manufacturing operations


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